Positively Human


I’m 32 today and this year, I am giving myself the present of freedom - more aptly called - boundaries. I’ve spent the last five years bearing my soul here. I’ve showed up daily teaching the world what it is like to live with serious mental illness. I am incredibly proud of the work I’ve done here. It has been spectacular, meaningful and downright exhausting.

In my 32 years on this planet, I have seen many things - some real and some not. I don’t feel angry at my past any longer - my suicide attempt, my hallucinations, my 21 psych ward stays, my minds creation of an imaginary best friend and the misdiagnosis that plagued a decade of my life. My anger - if there is any - is directed at the fatigue all that trauma created. 

That said, what I have come to see is that my hope and true passion of serving the mental illness community no longer coexists with sharing my life in its current state of wellness on this platform. Second to that, to maintain my wellness, I must share my wellness and my passion for it.

We are what we speak into existence and by dredging up my past day in and day out here to serve you all, I have cultivated a perpetual illness identity that is not healthy or soul serving any longer. My identity was forged in surviving illness but it is no longer defined by it in any way.

Thus, for sake of my own joy AND my interest in teaching mental illness acceptance unabashedly, today - on the day of my birth - I give myself and you - @positively.human.

Positively Human will be about making peace with mental illness, pain and vulnerability. I - of course - will ALWAYS write about mental health here but this page will no longer be advocacy centric. It is time for me to have a place where I can be freely transparent as my WELL self without the fear it is disempowering someone’s recovery.

Today I encourage you to choose YOU just as I am doing. 
Please please please unfollow me if this transition will hurt your health. 

And also, please know, whatever you decide, I am eternally grateful and honored by your kindness, support and love for all these years.

Kate Fisher