You Are Always by My Side


In the early morning light
Just to know you’re there
It makes the whole world home.

I think we throw the word love around like it’s confetti, especially today. But I fervently believe love is hard AF. I also fervently believe it’s work and that that work is messy.

Today, after the sugar coma and the confetti throwing and the promenading about of our “perfect” relationships that will never be perfect the way we project them here, let’s honor the truth that love is work by sharing our gratitude for those that love with intent and commitment.

Let’s honor those that wade into the deep mess of life with us, roll up their sleeves and say, yes - you - here - in darkness, in hell, in hardship, in pain, in despair - exactly as you are - you - I will work for and with to build a better tomorrow.

This post goes out to the man who picks me up off the floor day after day with kindness, humor and unconditional acceptance. Lovey, thank you for making this world a home again. It is the greatest privilege to do the work with you and know - whether a world away or not - you are always by my side.

Kate Fisherdave